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Darya Dahi

Director at Emory University

Darya Dahi was born and raised in New York City, and she is studying Quantitative Sciences, Human Biology, and Anthropology at Emory Univeristy. From a young age, she had an unwavering interest in the biomedical world. However, during her freshman year of college, Darya inadvertently discovered her passion for data science and its vast applicability while taking a pre-med requirement in statistics. Since then, she've gone on to pursue a minor in Quantitative Sciences and currently serve as a TA for the introduction class to R programming at Emory. Her enthusiasm for data analysis and statistical programming piqued when exploring the intersections of the subject with biology and health. This is what enamored her with BioKind Analytics. Darya strives to continue gaining out-of-the-classroom experience that explores the junction between these two discrete subjects. 

Darya Dahi
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