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Our Story

Today, even small businesses use data analysis and statistical modeling to boost profits and efficiency. In contrast to the corporate world, healthcare non-profit organizations have been relatively unaccustomed to this shift. Even large healthcare non profit organizations that receive millions in donations each year have not been able to take advantage of their data. After conversations with leaders from major non-profit organizations, we learned that the general non-profit sector had an organized system for recording data but did not have the necessary resources or personnel to conduct analysis on them. This is where we come in!

Our Vision

Biokind Analytics brings together undergraduate data scientists and statisticians across the world to apply classroom learning for meaningful, positive societal impact in their communities.

Our mission is to provide the same opportunity for healthcare non-profit organizations to boost their impact. We can utilize data to answer questions about current programs, help lower cost and improve efficiency, or predict future needs. Our overarching goal is to support healthcare non-profit organizations through data science and help further their missions.

Our Reach

Biokind Analytics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas. We have seven chapter institutions including Brown University, Rice University, and University of Virginia and have analyzed trends of more than $100 million in combined donations. 

Our members have various experiences in data analysis with some spearheading an international clinical research project and others working as data analytics and software engineer interns at major corporations such as IBM and Deloitte. Furthermore, our organization has diverse academic backgrounds including majors in political science, chemistry, statistics and computer science. With the diverse analytic experience and academic interests, we look to provide a fresh interpretation of data for healthcare non-profit organizations.

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