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UW-Madison Spring 2023 Teams

Meet our University of Wisconsin-Madison Biokind Analytics team for the spring 2023 semester!

Our team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison worked with Babies & Beyond of Wisconsin, a Wisconsin statewide, Madison-based nonprofit offering free material support and resources to help expecting mothers and families with young children. In partnership with Babies & Beyond, our Biokind team focused on visualizing client racial and residential demographics, finding trends in client visits and volunteer hours, and identifying the most common referral methods. This analysis was helpful in targeting their services and demonstrating their impact to sponsors and donors.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Biokind team is pictured above. The picture from left to right includes Nathaniel Owusu (’25), Tumi Samuel-Ipaye (’25), Fatimah Mohammed (‘25) and Faith Murei (‘25).



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