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UVA Spring 2023 Teams

Meet our UVA Biokind Analytics team for the spring 2023 semester!

Our team at the University of Virginia is working with the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, a Virginia statewide, Richmond-based nonprofit committed to the eradication of breast cancer through education and advocacy. We are inspired by their desire to advocate for the collective needs of people affected by breast cancer and willingness to acknowledge racial and social disparities in treatment. In partnership with VBCF, our Biokind team focused on finding trends in late-stage diagnosis, analyzing time from diagnosis to treatment, and creating visualizations to advocate for new policies.

Team VBCF x Biokind is pictured above. The top row from left to right includes Cole Dillaplain (’24), Sophie Reale (’24) and Celia Dolan (’24). The bottom row from left to right begins with Maya Betts (’24), followed by Yuqi Pang (’24) and VBCF representative Erin Steigleder (Education Manager). Kunyu Li (’24) is not pictured.



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