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UCSD Fall 2023 Teams

Meet our University of California San Diego Biokind Analytics team for the fall 2023 semester!

Team Mama’s Kitchen x Biokind (v1), pictured on the left are Chris Nolan (Chief Programs Officer), Tauhid Noor (‘24), in the middle from top to bottom are Lucien Chen (‘25), Kevin Chen (‘25), Hunter Brownell (‘24), and on the right are Lexi Striler (Director of Nutrition Services), Pamela De Leon (Bilingual Community Outreach Coordinator), Noemi Huerta (Director of Client Services), and Phu Dang (‘25)

Team OAK × Biokind, pictured left to right on the top row are Bernard Mauricia (CEO of OAK), Phu Dang ('25), and on the second row are Lucien Chen ('25), Brian Bonert (Camp Advisory Chair). Not pictured are Tyler Horvath ('24) and Janine Watts (Partnerships and Grants Manager)

Team Curebound x Biokind, on the top row from left to right are Lucien Chen (‘25), Phu Dang (‘25), Daphne Fabella (‘24), and in the middle are Tiana Tran (‘25), Diane Dinh (‘25), Rahul Saripalli (Research & Operations Associate), and Shannon Gill (Community Engagement Director) (not pictured)



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