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Rice Chapter: First Meeting

Last Sunday, September 18th, Biokind Analytics had its first meeting with all of its members. Most excitingly, the teams for each non-profit were announced. All of these teams will be presenting their results to their non-profits in December. In the meantime, they will be working hard to apply different data science tools to their data sets.

Nora’s Home - Donor Data

Our first team is working with the non-profit Nora’s Home. The mission of Nora’s Home is to offer transplant patients and their families an affordable place to stay where they can find support and share experiences with others, in the comfort of a home-like environment. To help Nora’s Home with their goal, the members of this team will be analyzing donor data and determining who would donate to the organization, what level of donation, and how they can move the donors up on that donor journey.

Team Nora’s Home, pictured from left to right, is Lauren Yu (‘25), Abbas Shaikh (‘26), Bobby Yang (‘24), and Elaine Liu (‘25, not pictured). Bobby will be this team’s lead.

Hope for Three - Applicant Data

Based in Sugar Land, Texas, Hope for Three provides support and financial assistance for families with children who have autism. Members of this team will be analyzing the demographics of the applicants who applied for the Hope for Three funding. Their findings will be used to help Hope for Three write grant reports so they can offer more financial aid to more applicants in the future.

This team’s members, pictured from left to right, are Samhita Vinay (class of ‘26), Michelle Pham (‘25), Alex Kornblum (‘25), and Jolie Wang (‘26). Alex is the team lead.

Heroes for Children - Patient Data

Heroes for Children is a Houston-based non-profit that provides support and financial assistance for families with children who have cancer. This Heroes for Children team will be analyzing patterns within patient data and comparing it on a Houston, Harris County, and Texas level.

This team’s lead is Archit Chabbi, a junior at Rice (‘24). The members of the team, pictured from left to right, are Melody He (‘25), Archit, Jane Mo (‘25), and Isha Khapre (‘24).

Heroes for Children - Donor Data

Our second Heroes for Children team, pictured above from left to right, is Emily Zhou (‘24), Audrey Lu (‘23), Sanjay Soni (‘26), and Adiv Ahsan (‘24, not pictured).

Led by Audrey, they will be analyzing Heroes for Children’s donor demographic data from the 2021 - 2022 fiscal year to help the organization figure out their target donor.



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