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Chapter Founder Team Fall 2023

The chapter founders are a group of students from universities all across the world who will take their experiences working together with a nonprofit in the spring and replicate the Biokind chapter at Rice to support the organizations in their local communities. These communities include London, Toronto, Vancouver, Tennessee, Maryland, and Sydney.

The chapter founders team will be working with ALS Texas, a nonprofit organization that provides support to patients with ALS and their families. They will help the organization analyze their patient datasets, further examining variables including insurance and median household income.

Below is a picture of the team taken during one of our many meeting:

Those pictured in the bottom row, from left to right, are Alexander Kozlov, who is a third year at King’s College London studying mathematics with statistics, and Devanshi Mirchandani, first year student at University of Sydney studying advanced computing software development and computational data science.

Then, the next row above is Afaf, a junior at Johns Hopkins University studying computer science and public health, and Jill Brunner, territory executive at the ALS Association.

At the top row are Tonya Hitschmann, managing director at the care services department of the ALS Association, and our president, Alex Han. Afaf is leading the team. Not pictured are Stallon Pinto, a sophomore at University of British Columbia studying statistics, Shreyash Singh, a sophomore at Vanderbilt University studying cognitive studies and data science, and Harnehmat Kaur, a sophomore at University of Toronto studying computer science.



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