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Explore how data science can help further your mission.

“Today, even small businesses use data analysis and statistical modeling to boost profits and efficiency. Our mission is to provide the same opportunity for healthcare non-profit organizations to further boost their impact. ”

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Chapter Institutions
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Chapter Institutions

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Donor Analysis 

Data clean up is followed by analysis of first time donors (donors who have donated for the first time) and retained donors (donors who have donated multiple times). We analyze various factors that influence first time and retained donors including their location, services they donate to, date of donation, and trends in donations. Please note that this an example of our work with one organization and that are approaches could be specifically tailored to the needs of each organization.


Patient Analysis

We analyze patient and client demographics including ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, education level, and other relevant factors. Often times, organizations request comparative analysis of the organization's data at the state and federal level. For instance, average income of families with children with autism for a specific non-profit could be compared to its county, state, and federal values to better assess the relevant population.


Event Specific Analysis

We analyze data that summarizes past fundraising events to optimize for better outcomes in the future. We look at various variables including attendance, donations per person, location of attendance, and reason for attendance. The event can also range from poker fundraising to walks. Please note that this analysis is especially flexible to the needs of the organization and the data the organization provides for analysis. 

Non-Profit Partners

supporting organizations that impact wide range of patients from grandparents with Alzheimer's disease to children with cancer

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What Our Partners Say

“Biokind helped our internal team understand our metric better and to share with donors key data points that fuel our mission. They also helped identify how we are reaching underserved communities, which in turn, helps us apply for more grant opportunities."

David Hancock,

CEO at Heroes for Children

(Dallas, TX)

“The analysis will help us dig further into our donor data and make more informed decisions about solicitations and stewardship. It highlighted the timing of revenue and where to leverage campaigns.”

Jill Brunner,

VP at ALS Association

(Houston, TX)

“Biokind’s analysis will help us move forward in an organized manner. We now know what steps to take moving forward to gather the appropriate data. Biokind helped to streamline multiple aspects of our organization.”

Shamia Gipson,

Assistant at Hope for Three

(Fort Bend County, TX)

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